Get Legal Advice on Family Matters with Family Lawyers Sydney


Disagreements will certainly occur in any household. Even the close-knit types can be confronted with potentially shaky issues that range from property settlement to child support. There are times when a disagreement can be settled and handled by the family members themselves, particularly when the head of the family is fiercely intent on dealing with the issue. But there are also occasions when external help must be introduced to avoid additional conflict.

Family lawyers Sydney firms can provide a wide range of legal services that address nearly every family issue. Legal professionals who concentrate on family cases are particularly sensitive to the needs of their clients, most especially each time a minor is concerned. When it comes to divorce cases, family lawyers would want to see whether a couple has already made agreements when it comes to the care and support of their children. It is important for each and every divorcing couple to arrive at an agreement regarding their parental obligation before the divorce becomes final.

When a couple gets to a agreement about the care and support of their children, the family lawyer will then draft the Parenting Plan or Consenting Order with the children’s best interests as the primary goal.

Every time a couple is unable to achieve an understanding on where the children should live, how much assistance they need, and what particular parental commitments have to be discussed, then a family lawyer’s experience will adequately get ready for courtroom litigation that argues the suitability of one parent over the other.

On matters of property dispute (and under Australian law that also includes bank accounts), the knowledgeable family lawyer will use his resources to identify and quantify the property so that both sides are satisfied with the outcome. To prevent expensive court charges and valuable time, most legal representatives would recommend disagreeing family to enter into non-public settlement.

In the amended family law, even de facto couples (those who aren’t married and have lived together for a minimum of two years, and who may or may not have a child from that union) have a right to legitimately settle conflicts over asset or their children. Even de facto partners are generally legally bound to offer or be entitled to “spousal” support.

Possibly the best practice to avoid future issues over children and assets within the family is to decide on a financial arrangement or begin a pre-nup. Family lawyers Sydney companies provide the knowledge to draft a document which could possibly save every arguing family member from future conflicts. When arguments arise, sometimes it’s far better to have an outsider’s (legal) point of view.


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