What To Do If Your Divorce Lawyer Isn’t Doing His Job?

People who go through a divorce already have a tough time accepting the fact that a lifelong investment has just gone down the drain, especially in cases where a third party was involved. The efforts involved in growing a relationship, getting married and having kids through marriage is pretty tough to throw away. Not to mention the legal consequences and frustrations involved in a divorce. If all this isn’t overwhelming enough, what if you end up with a divorce lawyer who’s not doing his job?

Seeking expert advice is always the best thing to do when you’re going through a divorce. However, there are some cases when your lawyer might not be working for your best interests. If your think your attorney is slacking off or is simply in it for the cash, there are some things that you could actually do.

If you think you’re not happy with how your divorce lawyer is doing for you and the case, the first best thing to do is to talk to him or her. Despite having set previous expectations during the initial stages of your interaction, you may have new ones along the way. It may be possible that some clarifications will have to be made regarding your objectives and the changes that have happened through the case. Give your lawyer the chance to explain his or her actions.

If a one-on-one talk doesn’t seem to be working, you may then move to the next step. Firing an attorney is your legal right. However be sure to check for certain things. Some attorneys work for a company or firm. In this case, you may consult the firm before taking action. Next, make sure that you have someone else to take his place. The court proceedings for your divorce won’t wait too long, so make sure you have an immediate replacement in case you decide to “divorce” your attorney.

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