Helpful Tips To Help Brides Conquer Their Pre Wedding Photography Problems

For most men, coping with pre wedding jitters is not a really hard thing to do. Other things like the Super Bowl or the NBA championships usually take more priority than petty things like wedding rehearsals and early preparations. The whole idea of men maintaining composure during these major life-changing events leads us to believe that there is much more at stake for brides than there is for their grooms. Although this statement may actually be true with some aspects of marriage, women are probably more inclined to showing their emotions as compared to their male counterparts.

In reality, both men and women go through a significant amount of stress before marriage. The only difference is that women are more prone to showing physical manifestations of their anxiety as compared to their future husbands. Sadly, skin-breakouts, indigestion and added extra pounds won’t really look good for their pre wedding photography shoot; not to mention in that wedding gown.

Considering that women are very critical when it comes to documenting their weddings and looking beautiful, many wedding planners often advice their clients to prepare and set a certain time for brides to get ready even as early as the pre wedding photo sessions. Listed below are some of the helpful tips from David Jones pre wedding photography that women should consider to help them conquer their problems:

  1. Sleep well. Rest is one of the most important components of fighting stress. Your body and mind both need enough time to replenish and revitalize especially during these very demanding times. Unless you want eye bags during your photo shoot, getting enough rest and sleep is the best thing to do.
  2. A healthy diet. Along with adequate rest comes proper nutrition. By healthy, this means eating the right type and amount of food at the right time. It’s a common adaptive reaction for our bodies to feel hungry when we feel emotionally drained, especially in women. This often leads to uncontrolled eating and those dreaded extra pounds. If you still want to look beautiful and fit for your pre wedding photos and your wedding gown, then eating right is your top priority.
  3. Exercise is a very important step in helping you overcome mental and emotional stress as well as keeping your body physically fit.
  4. Prepare for everything. Your pre wedding photo clothes might have wardrobe malfunctions just waiting to happen. As early as this stage make sure to prepare a first aid kit for your clothes to ensure that you don’t end up exposing some those unwanted areas of your body especially on your wedding day.
  5. Practice makes perfect. Be sure to practice your poses and try to fit the clothes that you’ll be wearing during your pre wedding photo sessions. This way, you also get a feel of what you might expect on your actual wedding day.
  6. Set the right type of mood. Overcoming anxiety and the stresses of getting married usually boils down to will power. And the best way to do this is to set the right mood. Try to think of all the love and the praise-worthy effort you’ve put into the event. This way, you increase your chances of feeling more positive on your big day than feeling sad and burnt out.

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