Reportage Wedding Photography: Telling Your Precious Story Frame By Frame

If your life were a story, your wedding would probably be one of the greatest climaxes that you will never forget. This mix of joy, happiness, excitement, anxiety and love all give a colorful atmosphere to this special event. And the best way to perpetuate all of this is by catching everything on camera. It’s the photographer’s job to make sure that he captures every single spectacular moment of this grand celebration. However, it should not just be random shots of the event. Just like your life and the perfect love story that led to this occasion, there’s no better way to tell it than through photojournalism.

Photojournalism involves capturing all the essential aspects of an event in pictures and telling a story about it frame by frame. It is also known as reportage wedding photography because it tells us a story about the occasion while giving emphasis to the major elements and events that contribute to the color and emotion of it all.

It’s like a documentation of the wedding where you get a wide range of perspectives including those of the family, friends, attendees and the lovers. This style of wedding photography allows the person looking at the pictures to reconstruct the entire event through his or her own eyes together with others within the pictures. The photographer captures all major and minor details giving everybody the chance to have a part in the story. It’s more realistic that’s why everything feels so real and you can see or imagine yourself in the event as you browse on.

Wedding photojournalism, however, requires a very keen eye on the part of the photographer. Taking shots of anything that may convey all the crucial elements of a story is the key to this type of photography. If the parents begin to shed tears of joy, if you see someone in the crowd feeling so engrossed by what’s happening or a funny moment that the couple may have, all these help you deliver a message once you put everything together. It also focuses on all the details of the ceremony from the last-minute wedding preparations, the main church wedding to the reception and even “behind the scenes” footages. The photographer also incorporates set shots where the couple or family members pose for specific shots with amazing backdrops or special black and white or lighting effects.

It’s the perfect way to tell others of your wedding and the story of how everything happened. Give more life to your wedding pictures and let that fairytale love story come to life. Learn about reportage wedding photography from David Jones Photography today.


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