Tips To Consider When Organizing Team Building And Corporate Events

team buildingEvery year, most companies include team building activities as part of their annual budget plan. Team building events have definitely reshaped every employee’s outlook towards work for it brings colleagues and the management closer together. However, planning one could really be as daunting as organizing huge corporate events. If you’re company is planning to have one soon, below are some tips that can help the organizers choose the right activities that will suit every participant.

1)      Identify the number of people participating. This is perhaps one of the first things to consider since your choice in activities will often be restrained by the people who will join. Some events like amazing race-style activities and mini-olympics, often require big groups for them to be successful and more enjoyable.

2)      Compute the budget needed for the event. Budget becomes necessary if you’re going to hold the event somewhere outside your office. Some events may ask for bigger budget allocations as some events may require the use of props or other materials. For example, a car rally may involve renting cars from reputable suppliers while a cooking competition requires money to spend for ingredients. Other events, like charades and puzzle games, do not really require as much budget.

3)      Make a schedule for all activities. Time can also restrict your plans because some activities require more time than others. An amazing race-style team building activity will likely take half of the day, while holding simple mind games indoors will just take a few hours.

4)      Know if you’ll be needing a huge or small venue. For employees who are fed up with the four walls of their offices (or work stations), holding sports events outdoors is a nice way to veer away from work. Sports-themed team building activities, like obstacle races and relay games are more appropriately held outdoors.. For those who choose to stay indoors, activities that do not require much physical strength, such as art and music sessions, can be conveniently held within the conference room of your company.

5)      Establish the goals and objectives of your team building event. Workshops including art and cooking classes can encourage better relationships and self-development through learning. However, some employees may still find these events uncompromising because they might feel uncomfortable trying them out, particularly when they really don’t know how to draw or cook. To make sure everyone enjoys the event in general, you can send out a survey with the list of activities that your participants will enjoy doing. This way, you can have an idea of which activities to hold during the day of the team building.

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